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The City Destroyed Me

  1. One of the Worst Ones
  2. The City Destroyed Me Download MP3
  3. Sick Side
  4. Seven Reasons
  5. Needle in the Groove
  6. Back to Bed
  7. Big Brother/Cruel Father
  8. Wouldn't You
  9. One Bad Woman
  10. Graveyard
  11. North American Dream Download MP3
  12. Getaway
  13. Fistful of Throttle Download MP3

High Low

  1. High Low Download MP3
  2. Bride On Fire
  3. Hey, Hey
  4. Get Your Own
  5. Best That I Can Do
  6. Braggers
  7. Old Familiar Things
  8. Moving On
  9. I Am Seen
  10. Sentimental Fool
  11. Fire Away
  12. Last Of The Big Time Spenders
Unreleased Bonus Track
Patiently Blue Download MP3

Bottom Dollar

  1. Bottom Dollar Baby Download MP3
  2. Comeback
  3. Black Bones
  4. Home
  5. I Come Down
  6. Renegade Download MP3
  7. Long Gone
  8. Till I'm Better
  9. Straight and Sober
  10. Betty, Betty (ride that hog)
  11. Long Live Sin
Girl playing piano: Nathan's music inspired me to learn how to play music of my own. Now look at me!
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Man playing guitar: Playing along to Nathan's great songs on my guitar is fun!Man with accordion: I think accordions sure are swell!
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